For Her Eyes Only

By Donte
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Will man ever run out of wordsgood or badfor his woman?

Not a chance and for countless reasons, it seems. Hence, the ageless chivalry or the vehemence for love gained or lost.

And not for the likes of Don Juan, For Her Eyes Only by Donte is an earnest appeal to please a girl or a partner, with missives that could not have come except from the depths of the heart.

So the poems reflect the delicate visions of love, spread like flowers among fragrant pagesclimbing, soaring, ever higheron wings of loveas Donte puts it in one of those precious gems.

About the Author

Donte is a Virginian native and a United States Air Force veteran. Inspired by his passion for life, he wrote this book which is also his first published work.

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Published: 2013
Page Count: 56