Footprints In The Flour

By Marilyn J. Seymour
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Children baking with their grandmother on Christmas Eve are in for a fun surprise come Christmas morning. Flour scattered along the floor revels Santa’s footprints! The children are overjoyed to see this tangible evidence of the magical Mr. Claus.

Footprints in the Flour is a delight for all ages to enjoy the wonder of Christmas.

About the Author

Marilyn J. Seymour was born on February 21, 1939, to Bill and Katheryn (Hecimovich) Makinen in Grand Rapids, Minnesota. She is the eldest of four children. Her grandparents arrived from Finland and Croatia to seek a better life in the “Promised Land” of the USA. They homesteaded on the beautiful Iron Range of Northern Minnesota. Marilyn graduated from Greenway High School in Coleraine.

Marilyn loves traveling, dancing, music, decorating, bowling, jigsaw puzzles, Christmas, and movies, movies, movies! But most of all, she loves her family. She is the widow of Lt. Col. Charles Seymour and the mother of three sons. She currently resides in Beverly Hills, Florida.

Published: 2019
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