Food For Thought : Recipes For The Good Life

By Dean Kloter
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Food For Thought is a “recipe” book for inspiring and promoting the need to adopt a healthy mental diet and the importance of developing and maintaining a healthy attitude towards life.

Your mind is your greatest asset and deserves to be treated as such. It requires daily maintenance and attention to remain sharp, especially as you get older. With the destabilization of mental health in our society due to pandemic and environmental influences, increased stress, anxiety and depression, we need to feed our minds with nutritious thoughts while dismissing our “junk food” thoughts – negative self-talk – on a daily basis.

Using the format of a recipe, this book provides a creative perspective on how positive “ingredients” can be used to support and inspire thinking that leads to optimal self-regulation and leadership. There are recipes that everyone can use to satisfy every palate’s psychological craving.

About the Author

So often in life it takes a major crisis to wake us up from the trance-like routine life we get trapped in. At the age of 59, Dean Kloter received his “Blow”! A failed business partnership ‘blew’ up his dream business resulting in financial and emotional devastation. This unplanned wakeup call led to a personal reinvention experience, a blessing first disguised as a traumatic event turned into a rebirth – a new and better direction. It’s true that the harder you fall, the higher you bounce (back)! It’s never too late to reinvent yourself!

Published: 2005
Page Count: 32