Food For Thought: Chew Before You Swallow

By A J Hall
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Did you know you were created to be the master of your destiny? Food for Thought is motivational with the intention of inspiring readers to take purposeful action in order to improve their lives.

In Food for Thought, the process of accomplishing this is presented in relatable terms bringing readers to the realization that they are the ones responsible for the quality of life they experience on a daily basis. They are empowered and highly equipped within their very souls to create their own reality. No one can deny we are experiencing physical, emotional, and financial turmoil to a greater degree than usual. Realizing the strength and power within is what will bring peace of mind in the midst of any storm. You need not be a victim of circumstances. You were created to be the master of your destiny. You can immediately implement the information expressed in this book to begin conditioning your mind to believe in the power that resides inside you.

About the Author

A J Hall was born in Grenada where she resided until the age of eight when her family relocated to Trinidad. At the age of fourteen, Glencoe, Illinois became her hometown. Hall graduated from New Trier East High School in Winnetka and after several years of college, she eventually graduated from Bible school in 1993. Currently and for the past twenty years, she is a paraprofessional in the Jersey City Public School system where she teaches four and five-year-old Pre-K students. Hall has three adult children who are the love of her life.

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My name is Silvia Meyer and I wanted to share my impressions about Mrs. Hall's book:

I really enjoyed reading "Food for Thought: Chew Before You Swallow" and its perspective on institutionalized religion. I grew up Catholic and religion was relatively important in my family but like the author, I've come to question many of the "truths" I was told. It is interesting to read about her spiritual journey and how her reflections fueled personal motivations that inspired her to improve herself and reach new goals. It is well written and easy to follow in spite of being quite a complex topic. This is a great reading I highly recommend to anyone with an open mind and eager to expand their spiritual views.

Published: 2022
Page Count: 64