Fok, The American Dream!

By Lory Mentor
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Fok, The American Dream! is a book written in play format telling the stories, dreams, and inspirations of immigrants who came to America for a so-called “better life.” These stories are told by two longtime friends who came to America as young children after a long separation from their mothers. They share stories of families and friends struggles and perseverance to one another and find inspiration through those stories. They resent the typical “American Dream” society offers, dreams most immigrants long for and then go on a search for their own personal dream. In the process, they find love and a group of like-minded immigrants who share common interests.

About the Author

Lory Mentor is a poet and writer. She was born in Haiti and spent her childhood in Haiti separated from her mother due to immigration laws. As a child, she spent most of her time creating stories through play with her siblings and reading Haitian and French literature. She came to America to reconcile with her mother and became fascinated by immigrants like herself and their journey to the Land of Opportunities. In university she was exposed to many more stories of America’s first immigrants but not enough of stories of immigrants like herself. Mentor felt recent immigrants’ stories were never told or were rarely documented. Her passion for literature grew stronger, and her urge to tell stories from her point of view became a quest. Fok, The American Dream! is the stories of newcomers to America, immigrants from different walks of life.

Published: 2022
Page Count: 124