Flyin' Kai: A Pelican's Tale

By Duncan P. Forgey
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Share in the excitement of Kai’s speed diving, surfing, and endless encounters as he searches for more meaning in life. Feeling restricted by parents, school and friends, Kai flies from his Anacapa Island home to the mainland in search of a legendary magical mountain. Teaming with a blue-footed booby from México, the two experience and observe the damage that mankind is inflicting upon nature and wildlife.

Flyin’ Kai: A Pelican’s Tale is a great read for all ages and strikes hard at the hearts of young adults, the environmentally sensitive and older baby boomers. A contemporary “Smokey the Bear,” famous for his iconic “ONLY YOU CAN PREVENT FOREST FIRES,” Kai is a deeply beloved and substantial character that implores “ONLY YOU CAN SAVE THE SEAS.”

“Duncan Forgey is an imaginative storyteller. Flyin’ Kai: A Pelican’s Tale is a fast-paced hero’s journey that takes the reader on an exploration of conflicts between nature and mankind. It is a novel that will appeal to adults and thoughtful young readers of all ages.” Jill Marie Landis – New York Times and USA Today Bestselling author of The Tiki Goddess Mysteries and 25 other novels.

“Magical!! The imagery makes you feel like you are flying alongside Kai.” Durban Thomas – Student, age 12, Kaua‘i, HI.

 “Duncan’s imaginative writing style is realistic and puts you right in the middle of the adventure. I can feel the power of the waves and envision myself in the tube surfing with Kai. The tale is about two of my passions–surfing and the environment.” Sebastian “Seabass” Zietz– Professional surfer, winner Van’s Triple Crown of Surfing and lover of the ocean in all its moods.

“Kai’s coming of age story is a must read in middle and high school classrooms. This modern-day Jonathan Livingston Seagull shares challenges facing young adolescents today. Kai’s courage and his sincere concern for all creatures is a lesson we should follow.”Leslie Howell– Middle school English teacher, mentor and writing coach.

“An awesome and heartfelt read with the universal challenges of growing up revealed through a pelican in a whirlwind of light and dark spiritual encounters. Pass it on!”Patsee Ober – Underwater photographer, open ocean swimmer and competitive sailor.

“Duncan Forgey is a true storyteller. Flyin’ Kai: A Pelican’s Tale gives a unique perspective on how precious life on earth is to all. Hang on as you fly high and fast with Kai.”Trip Kimball –Pastor, teacher, writer and speaker with Poimen Ministries.

“Through the eyes, antics and adventures of a rebellious adolescent brown pelican, Duncan weaves a memorable tale of the importance of man living in harmony with nature. As he matures, Kai realizes that giving himself to others is the best treasure he can discover.”Lana Johnson – Editor, Stu News Newport, weekly online newspaper, Newport Beach, CA.

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Published: 2022
Page Count: 249

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Madison S.
Celebrate nature while on an exciting hero's journey.

The descriptive writing style puts the reader right in the midst of the action. Flyin' Kai is a treasured character who will not be forgotten. His curiosity, adventuresome spirit and love of life is endearing alongside a powerful environmental message as told by the critters of California. As a lover of books, I predict this one will be a joy for readers from ages 12 - 80.
I strongly recommend Flyin' Kai: A Pelican's Tale. Do not forget, "Only you can save the seas".