Fly Fishing Magic

By Jerry Feil
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FLY FISHING! Anybody interested out there?

Those would-be hobbyists and enthusiasts of this wonderful sport could sure take some tips and tricks from a guy whose love for this pastime spans decades. Jerry Feils passion for fly fishing started in 1985 while working part time in a sporting goods store. The moment he bought his first fly fishing equipment, he never looked back. People began to ask him for advice so he began instructing beginners of all ages and leading fly fishing trips.

Now, after many years, he is releasing a guide book that aims to teach all the essential knowledge for a successful and enjoyable fly fishing experience. What is the right way to cast for fly fishing? What is the proper way of assembling fly fishing equipment? Where in the rivers, streams, or lakes do fish thrive? What is the proper fly to use? These and other tips are the basic things that Jerry Feil wants to share with all aspiring anglers in his straight-to-the-point book, Fly Fishing Magic. Learn and enjoy.

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Published: 2013
Page Count: 42