Flursick Origins: Otto Mcline

By Andrew Lines
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Otto Mcline is no ordinary human. He is a scientist, swordsman, inventor, and so much more. As Otto grows up, he begins to see the many injustices in the world, from bullying in schools to the immense wage gap that plagues our world and the millions upon millions of people who suffer because of it. Tired of seeing the world so divided, he sets out to create a utopia, a pocket dimension filled with all the needs and wants humanity would ever need, as well as implementing a new form of social currency. Otto is no savior, he never sees himself as such, but he is simply a man looking to take the reins and create a new, better world.

About the Author

Andrew Lines has worked as a dishwasher, deli lead, truck unloader, cashier, head cashier, and security guard. In his spare time, he enjoys studying microbiology, chemistry, literature, psychology, welding, and blacksmithing. His primary passion is making tabletop games and playing them with his friends. Lines is married and he and his wife have two children.

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Published: 2022
Page Count: 74