Flo: A Very Special Budgie

By Joan M. Wright
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Flo lived in a beautiful cage surrounded by toys and fancy seeds. When her owner died, Flo was taken away and placed in an aviary with lots of other budgies. It took her a long time to settle down. After all, she was special and had won prizes in budgerigar shows, had a ring on her leg and felt that she did not belong in an aviary with ordinary birds.

One day her ring caught on a twig and she shrilled for help. Fred, the leader of the budgie choir, came to her rescue, and was so taken with her lovely voice that he suggested she join his choir. Gradually Flo settled down, and the aviary, once a lonely place for her, became her new home.

About the Author

Joan M. Wright immigrated to Canada from England in the 1950s. She graduated from the University of Toronto with a degree in Library Science and worked as a librarian in the Toronto Reference Library. Taking early retirement, she continued hobbies of art classes, childrens book illustration and gardening. She lives in Toronto with two dogs and two budgies.

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Published: 2013
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