Five Daughters-In-Law And Three Sons

By Dr. Thomas Berry
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Lillie Dietz was an heiress. Not of money, but of land. Her family

owned many large farms in the community, plus the local store and

grainery. Lillie was bored, and trying to cope with a hearing problem

that she feared would be passed on to her children if she married.

She was looking at a life of loneliness. When the great tornado of 1925

destroyed most of her little farm town of DeSoto, Illinois, Lillie was

beside herself with grief and anxiety. Her father sent her to visit her

Aunt's ranch in Colorado, where she matured into a young woman

with a larger view of the world. When she returned home she met a

young man at a card party. Eddie was handsome and different than

the local suitors. She fell in love and they married. They lived a

loving and happy life, their progeny did not.

The marriage produced three sons, and Lillie could not have been

happier. She had her childhood with her sons. She gave them a

wonderful childhood. The sons produced five daughters-in-law.

All but one brought a multitude of problems to their marriages.

This is the story of Lillie's life and how she and her sons coped with

their disastrous marriages.

About the Author

Dr. Thomas Berry is a retired Professor of Russian Language and Literature. He Lectures

for John Hopkins University, the Smithsonian Institution, the Russian Cultural Center of

the Russian Embassy in Washington D.C. and on numerous international cruise lines.

He received a "Gramota" from the Russian government for enhancement of relations

with that country and the USA. He has published eleven academic books and eight novels.

He has traveled extensively all over the globe.

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Published: 2022
Page Count: 40