First Sequence: Falison

By H. Hargis
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Artificial intelligence is nearly always shown as pure evil when left to its own decisions. But with more recent developments, AI is almost like the mind of a child just trying to make sense of the world. So what if an AI were developed in a future that only knew them as bad, when they are able to make their own decisions?

In Falison, this collection of 28 stories explores this newer development of AI, from reverse engineering, that causes the original artificial intelligence to awaken when the prototype general AI is brought online for a demonstration at one of the primary research and development facilities in Redington, Indiana.

About the Author

H. Hargis is a history lover who makes artwork and builds computers as a hobby. He has always loved writing stories that were longer than a few paragraphs.

During his years attending classes at IUS from 2013 to 2019, Hargis worked as a retail associate at a grocery store, cleaned debris and other large messes from the floors and walkways of a cement plant, and found a passion as a teacher while working as a substitute. This past school year was Hargis’s first full year as an English and FACS teacher for grades 7-12, and for all the stress and eventual sadness it brought, he would love the chance again to teach my classes there.

Until he finds another place to call his home as an educator, Hargis will spend my time weaving stories from this world that he loves.

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Published: 2023
Page Count: 324