First Man, Last Man: World's First Modern Man

By Horace J. Taylor
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First Man, Last Man: World’s First Modern Man looks into how, when, and where the first modern humans evolved and developed. They founded advanced civilizations, became great artists and progressive leaders. Eventually, they migrated far and wide, carrying their progressive culture and lifestyle with them as they changed mankind forever. However, today, these same people now live at a stone-age level. What caused them to regress? What is the real story?

About the Author

Horace J. Taylor enjoys writing, illustrating, and researching. He feels a duty to share knowledge, truth, new concepts, and ways of looking at the world. The evolution of mankind and how he has lived within his environment is interesting to Taylor and, he believes, to most people. He wrote this book to share with others some of his views on the amazing development of man.

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Published: 2023
Page Count: 70