By Jerry Robert Bain
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This is the story of how our species got smart, and emotionally driven. It uses common knowledge and common sense to speculate on how EVOLUTION could feed and shelter 7 billion people, build modern computers, the internet, AND Jesus, Mohamed, Buddha, Confucius, Hitler, Stalin, and Pol Pot.

The UNDERLYING force of EVOLUTION, is ENTROPY because TIME is a CAUSE and EFFECT process with predictable CONSEQUENCES, - so we can use mental SIMULATION of the causes to anticipate how to change the future using observation, thinking, and experimenting.

However, that was the EASY PART, because that chain of causation then gave us PURPOSE and INTELLIGENCE to achieve it by making us FIGHT among ourselves for millions of years till those left standing were SELF AWARE and able to use reason to define meaning and intelligent purpose in joining together as a SPECIES, to survive and prosper by LOVING each other, with shared JOY in OVERCOMING ENTROPY in a CYBER universe of our own. Jesus and the other prophets just opened the message that evolution had already coded in our genome.

About the Author

Jerry Robert Bain describes himself as what he wrote, or ever wanted to be. If anyone finds THEIR OWN truth, in his testimony, he wants to let them be grateful to IT.

I am a victim of soul withering abuse kept LOCKED UP by violence, and humiliation because I DID NOT UNDERSTAND what was happening, but now I have set myself free with a FIREWALL that eats psychopaths.


Published: 2018
Page Count: 76