Fire In My Bones

By Ollie Marshall
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In a world of parting and pain, Ollie Marshall gives voice to her agony through Fire in My Bones with her poetic verse. She writes through lifes observations and personal experiences with a demanding cry to cope with different challenges that are sometimes forced upon us beyond our control. Touching on the concept that racial unity is strength and exhorting us to learn from the past as we respect our ancestors, elders, and history, she explores and reaffirms her heritage as she shares her deep and abiding faith in our creator. Revere the ancestors, she says, and honor God. In creating her poetic expression, she releases the hate, injustice, and racial imbalance of discrimination she has experienced all her life, despite her many contributions to the betterment of our society. Fire in My Bones is a cry to be heard, a cry to be appreciated, a cry for release of the pain of the unfairness inflicted upon Ollie Marshalls very soul.

About the Author

A native of Springfield, Arkansas, where she grew up with ten brothers and five sisters, Ollie Marshall now makes her home in Orange, New Jersey, with her husband. She is employed by the Newark Public School System as a kindergarten teacher and has written numerous poetic works in her spare time.

Published: 2006
Page Count: 62