Finkelstein's Folder: Echoes From Judea

By Stephan Taylor
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What if the stories in the Gospel are not entirely accurate? It is possible, especially since the Gospels were not written until many years after the events they portray. In Stephan Taylors Finkelsteins Folder: Echoes from Judea, he presents the story of how he came across a file of mysterious documents he believes were translated from ancient writings. These documents, be they fact or fiction, share accounts of life in Judea in the first century A.D. and offer narratives of well-known events from a different but contemporary viewpoint. Biblical scholars and everyday Christians alike may be intrigued by the alternate views of history presented in Taylors work.

About the Author

Educated in Australia and Britain, Stephan Taylor has spent time in the Merchant Marine, farming, working as a PR writer, and spent six years in the production of current affairs programs for the Australian Broadcasting Corporation. Though he has written much over the years, this is his first work to be officially published. When not writing, Taylor has enjoyed his retired years cruising in his yacht and exploring his home of Australia in a caravan with his wife, Susan.

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Published: 2009
Page Count: 106