Finishing Stronger

By Ronnie M. Palmer
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In Finishing Stronger, author Ronnie M. Palmer tells an incredible and intriguing journey of greed, lust, and addiction. The book delves deeper into the author's personal experiences as he prepares to embrace change after forty years of alcohol and heroin addiction. This is a fast-paced addiction memoir about recovery, starting with intoxication and concluding with redemption. He hides nothing as he tells the reader how he reached his limitations and got stronger in mind and more focused in spirit. He challenges and guides the readers to become better and more disciplined human beings and explains how they can extend to their best potential by knowing themselves.

The book ascertains the struggles and hopelessness of addiction, but shows that, ultimately, there is still hope. Written in an easy and simple language, the book touches upon different themes all at once. It is full of inspiration for every person who wishes to break the bondages of addiction. This book is full of hope, heart, and genuine love. The book intends to impart the message that change is possible, that forgiveness can be freely given, and that life, though imperfect, is worth embracing. Finishing Stronger is a story of the human journey and redemption.

About the Author

Ronnie M. Palmer is a Certified Drug/Alcohol Counselor working as the Program Coordinator for a very successful residential treatment facility in California. For forty years, he was an alcoholic and a heroin addict before he decided to turn his life around. It has been an incredible journey for him. First, he was abandoned at birth, then adopted by two alcoholics. He then joined the music business, which introduced him to drugs, alcohol, and rock and roll. Somehow, along the way, he became a Black Belt Martial Arts Instructor, a stained-glass window designer, and a cabinet maker. After his addictions destroyed his life, he spent three years living on the streets of San Francisco until an unexpected event led him to turning his life around. He is now writing this book to help others with addiction problems turn their lives around and finish stronger than they started.

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Published: 2022
Page Count: 136