Finding Peace Of Mind And Keeping It: Essays And Writings

By James Emerson Hough
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In this collection of his essays and writings, James Emerson Hough reflects on the serenity of retirement living in the middle of his own private Certified Forest Preserve and Wildlife Habitat in Southeast Indiana, the inspiration it engenders to be creative, and the ability to focus his thinking. He finds it rewarding to share his perspective, but the selfish reason he writes is that it makes him a better person. When asked why he writes, Mr. Hough admits that writing helps keep his mind alert and head on straight. He’s inspired to read and unlock novel ideas in his mind, research them, and develop compelling techniques to put them together in writing. Writing is his habit. He knows that no one can write anything who does not think that what they write is for the time history, or do anything well who does not esteem their work to be of importance. Old age has yet to creep on the author’s mind, and wisdom will never let him stand with another on unfriendly footing. For him to write what will not become obsolete is to write sincerely to himself while attempting to satisfy his own curiosity. Where Mr. Hough found peace of mind, peace of mind was waiting there.

Books are the quietest and most constant of friends, the most patient of teachers, and the most accessible and wisest if counselors. Worthwhile books that get into the world are written by successful people who utter what tens of millions feel though they cannot say. Certain books are vital, not leaving readers what they were; they shut the book a richer person. Finding Peace of Mind and Keeping It is full of energy.

About the Author

James Emerson Hough was born and raised in Paducah, Kentucky; schooled in the public school system of that community; earned an AS degree studying mathematics, physics, chemistry, biological and zoological sciences at Paducah Junior College; and earned BS (Geology) and MS (Engineering Geology) degrees at the University of Kentucky, Lexington. He retired December 31, 1998, at age 68, ending more than thirty-five years in private practice of the applied earth sciences as licensed professional engineer and licensed professional geologist. Hough was awarded the DSc degree by the American Institute of Geosciences in 2020.

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Published: 2023
Page Count: 430