Finding Newmarket

By William Mills
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How do you pick up the pieces and start again after a life-changing event, whether it is the death of a family member, the loss of a job, or the end of a relationship? After such an event, Will, a twenty-five-year-old who once had a high-paying job, beautiful home, and loving woman, found himself back in his old neighborhood with his old junkie friends and a new low-stress job. But can he overcome the alluring numbness that comes with drugs and alcohol and start his life anew without succumbing to the demons left over from his former life? William Millss Finding Newmarket is a true story of triumph and torment all intertwined with one mans constant struggles to find himself and build a better life.

About the Author

William Mills is a self-employed contractor who has lived in Newport News, Virginia, for the last fifteen years. He and his wife, Jennifer, have one daughter, Madison. He wrote Finding Newmarket after losing many friends to death due to drugs; the process of writing the events of his life have helped him understand and cope with his losses.

Published: 2008
Page Count: 58