Figuring Sh*T Out: The Guidebook For Landing A Job Within Your Field Of Study Fresh Out Of College

By Alexis Thrower
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Figuring Sh*t Out: The Guidebook for Landing a Job within Your Field of Study Fresh Out of College

"I'm going to wait until after I graduate to start applying for jobs."

"These jobs just aren't hiring."

"I can't break into my field."

These are just a few common sayings of soon-to-be graduates.

Alexis Thrower wrote this book to share her journey and the lessons learned in school. After speaking with many of her counterparts who didn’t have a plan outside of applying for hundreds of jobs within their field to gain employment after college, she was determined to do things differently to make the time, effort, energy and money she invested worth it.

All students do it – envision what their life will be like after walking across the stage, ready for those childhood dreams to come true, possibly holding on to that kid-like naivety that things will happen because you graduated. The reality is quite the contrary. 

Leaning into her faith while paying keen attention to what worked and didn’t work for herself and her college peers, Alexis developed and implemented employable practices that proved successful as she swiftly landed a job within her field of study immediately after graduating. Her passion for education and desire to serve students is why she wrote this book – to help the next wave of scholars so they, too, will quickly gain employment fresh out of college.

About the Author

Alexis Thrower attended Cal State LA, where she double majored in communications and television, film, and media studies with an option in journalism. While working a job within her field after graduating, she went on to pursue and obtain her master's degree in communications from John Hopkins University. Since graduating, Thrower has held numerous positions in strategic communications and broadcast journalism and continues to use her experience to support students. Passionate about providing and supporting quality education, Thrower is also an adjunct professor of communications.

She continues to work in communications while she pursues a doctorate of education, which she plans to use in combination with her experience as a master communicator to reshape the way we communicate to and with Black and other marginalized students in the education system.

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Published: 2023
Page Count: 144