Fernando’S Journal: A Love Story

By Della M. Hinson Lambert
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LOVE can happen in ways we don’t always understand. Having an open heart could change your life.

When Fernando, a young, handsome Mexican man, falls deeply in love with a beautiful, but married, American woman, Anna, his life is changed forever. Torn between his love for her in America, and his desire to live where he grew up in Mexico, which life will he choose?

Anna’s world became alive when Fernando shared with her the beaches of Mexico, dancing to the Mariachis’ songs, and many other ways of his life. But dreams to be together could change, since promises had been made that must be kept.

About the Author

Della M. Hinson Lambert is an interior decorator and floral designer who lives in Fresno, California. She is the author of Fires of My Heart, a moving collection of poems celebrating love and mourning its loss. She is also the author of Open Heart, a thoughtful and touching collection of gay poetry.

From Della’s own heart: Anyone who doesn’t understand that we live in a world where our hearts’ desires have an impact on the way we live our lives, has been living with their head in a cloud. Embracing life with an open heart is accepting pleasures and desires as a freedom—freedom to love whomever we want, how we want, without dwelling in the solitude of our hearts. Isn’t that called free will? May we all march to the beat of a different drummer without the sharp point of an arrow piercing our souls. Those who walk in the sunshine and see only their shadows will remain in the dark.


As before, Ms. Lambert shares her heavenly gifts of colorful written descriptions of scenes and characters. This time, it is with her magnificent, heartfelt rendition of Fernando’s Journal - A Love Story. For a quick summation, it is a suspenseful, hopeful tale of international lovers having physical chemistry, a desire to please, a soul connection, plus a challenged future with rooted conscientious integrity. The 287 pages truly make Ms. Lambert’s novel an enjoyable, readable journey to the very end!


Janet Dominick

Published: 2020
Page Count: 292