Feral Cats Changed Our Lives

By Janet E. Swinehart and David A. Swinehart
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While writing this book, Janet E. Swinehart looked to God and knows He has given these wonderful creatures, these feral, rescued cats, Summer, Snippy, and Katie, to her and her husband David to love. Janet and David’s story tells about the patience, love, and disappointments that these friends have brought to their lives.

Feral cats are not ordinary cats, and they have a strange nature. On many occasions, Janet found herself praying for herself and her husband, because at times her patience was thin. Summer, Snippy, and Katie are true feral cats, and though Janet was told in books never to try to train them (because it’s almost an impossible mission), she was determined they were going to become cute, cuddly, and friendly babies—but you will soon see that became a significant challenge!

There were some very funny, as well as very scary times, and parts of the story may make you want to cry like she did. Though certain things could have been done differently, experience over time helped Janet and Dave to be more successful in their endeavors.

Walk with them on this journey of raising feral cats, and learn from these episodes. The Swineharts believe that God gave them pets to keep them company and give them a release from the seriousness of day-to-day life. Hopefully, reading this book will inspire you to find a companion of your own to enrich life by caring for a future friend who needs a helping hand.

So, put your kitty boots on, and be on your way!

About the Authors
Janet E. Swinehart and David A. Swinehart were married when she was 15 years old and he was 17, and the duo has now been together for over 48 years. They have faced many trials over the years (Janet was diagnosed with Hodgkins’ Disease when she was 26 years old and given six months to a year to live, yet she just celebrated her sixty-fourth birthday), but their love is strong and enduring. They never stop thanking God for His miracle healing.

Janet has owned Guardian Travel Inc. for 25 years. She loves the travel industry and loves traveling to worldwide destinations as a continual education to be able to pass her knowledge and experiences on to her clients.

Adopting feral cats was the last thing she and David ever expected to be doing at this stage of their lives! It just so happens that Janet fell in love with three beautiful, lost kittens and knew there had to be a way to save them. So, they took the feral challenge and never looked back. That decision has turned out to be a true blessing in their lives in countless ways.

Published: 2021
Page Count: 102