Feeling Is Healing: A Book Of Affirmations For Children And The Child In Us

By Hailey Smith
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Feeling Is Healing is filled with simple affirmations to say to our children—and ourselves! —to help normalize self-love and positivity. As parents and guardians, our obligations are to create a healthy internal monologue for our children, starting at a young age and carrying it with them throughout their life. With these simple affirmations, the hope is to decrease depression in children and reduce the need for approval from others and feelings of unworthiness. With these little reminders, adults and children alike will walk away feeling an increased sense of self-worth and respect for themselves and aid them in whatever difficulties may lie ahead.

About the Author

Hailey Smith is married to her amazing husband Danny, and together, they have two children ages twelve and five. Currently, Smith is a stay-at-home mom, and she holds a bachelor’s degree in health education with an emphasis on addiction studies. Previously, she worked under supervision as a substance abuse counselor, getting her hours in inpatient and outpatient facilities for youths, as well as an outpatient facility for adults. She earned a Student of the Year award at Idaho State University in 2018 and was a guest speaker for an addiction’s studies course each spring for the Community and Public Health Department coordinator at ISU.

In her spare time, Smith enjoys the outdoors (especially camping, fishing, hiking), spending time with family and friends, crocheting, reading and archery.

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Published: 2023
Page Count: 36