Fear Regret, Not Failure: The 7 Pillars Of Success: “The Secret To Forging The Mindset Necessary To Take Risk, Create Wealth And Succeed In An Uncertain World”

By Tony Velasco
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Fear Regret, Not Failure is a no-nonsense approach to becoming successful. The year 2020 resulted in catastrophic events felt around the world. Americans and people across the globe were crushed by the effects of the pandemic itself as well as the measures put in place to attempt to stifle it. Now two years later, the world economy sits on the brink of collapse. People are more divided than ever, the world feels like it’s on the brink of war, inflation is running wild, and a recession feels all but guaranteed. America is resilient, but the reality is we are entering uncertain times. Times that are typically wrought with fear.

To prepare young entrepreneurs for a world that began to change more than a decade ago, and to address issues of recovery after the pandemic, businessman Tony Velasco illustrates personal success principles in his book, Fear Regret, Not Failure. He addresses issues that hold people back and teaches readers how to break through barriers by following 7 Pillars of Success that work together to forge a mindset that will build the foundation on which to take action.

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Published: 2023
Page Count: 140