Fate Of La Niña: A Novel

By Debra Ann Ristau
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In the thrilling continuation of the Fate series, Patsy Garcia is now in hiding after the Nuestra Familia gang ordered her execution for ratting them out to the police. For nearly six years she has been in hiding, with the daughter she and Sergio, the leader of the Nuestra, created all those years ago. During the COVID pandemic, the La Familia’s search stalled, but never stopped.

Thinking the danger has passed, Patsy enrolls Alicea in school in a remote, rural town far away. But this only leads La Familia to discover their location, and mother and daughter must make a harrowing escape with the aid of the Cowboy Cop, Chuck Reynolds.

As the three are on the run, they are guided and protected by Blanca, a Guardian Angel assigned to Patsy and Alicea, and their devoted family and friends. Only through resourcefulness, strength, faith, and a sprinkling of miracles will they survive, and live the peaceful lives they’ve only ever imagined.

About the Author

Debra Ann Ristau is a historian at heart who believes nonfiction should be truthful and fiction should inspire, intrigue, and entertain. She hopes the Fate series does all three. After decades of writing nonfiction, she is thrilled to offer this book as the second of an exciting series. To learn more, visit debraannristau.com.

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Published: 2024
Page Count: 278