Fatal Move: China Gambit Book One

By Matt Kraft
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Impetuous, methodical and ambitious CIA agents must overcome their differences to outsmart a ruthless Chinese mastermind, Wu Chi. Can they unravel Wu Chi’s revenge against widespread official corruption? A calculating and riveting book based on the escalating friction among nations and cyber-gangs fighting on all fronts for dominance of the Earth’s rules and resources.

Fatal Move is the first book of the China Gambit series, speculative fiction that probes America’s future. Will the world we’re creating now that defines our lives, our children’s lives, the lives of our grandchildren and great grandchildren win against powerful competitors? It’s total war, fought across every continent and society, going far beyond agencies, operatives, guns and bombs. Who will own the future and how?

About the Author

Matt Kraft is the pen name for an author who has spent his adult life working to secure our nation’s future.

His experience in military, intelligence and special operations technology gives him the insight to make sense of the forces that shape Fatal Move and the foresight to imagine challenges and surprising futures in a turbulent, contested world order.

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Published: 2022
Page Count: 184