Fast Of The Family Tree

By Bryonna Dyer
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Four of the highest-powered families around the world are in conflict: the Sylvesters, arctic investors in the highest paying armory dealership; the Mallicks, universal hackers and programmers, are almost impossible to find; the Yeungs, Chinese scientists obsessed with reaching outside the limits of the human brain and body (and taking any measure necessary to achieve their goal); and the Fasts, though small in number, are the most lethal weapon of FAST, Factotum Agency of Solidified Trust.

 Rivals for power and control, the Yeung family succeeds to manufacture an underground corporation of “the new beginning” for mankind. A stronger, faster, more fearless race of weapons in war. One that could overthrow humanity as a whole.

 Ten-year-old, Raven Sylvester, born and raised from the Sylvester family line, meets Silica Fast, a mysterious woman who devotes her life to protect her. Never seen without a gun in hand, Raven soon learns Silica is not only an underground agent but family, and maybe the only chance they have at uniting the four power families and ending the reign of the Yeung family name.

 Family is not defined by blood or position. It is by whom you love, and who loves you. The loyalty, sense of security, and trust people develop with one another.

About the Author

Bryonna Dyer has been writing since the age of twelve and focused most of her college experience on creative writing and English courses. She lives in an extended stepfamily. Her family extends past blood and name, and she hopes her book will express such a life is possible.

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Published: 2022
Page Count: 200

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Absolutely amazing

This was one of the best books that I have ever read in my life