Fascination: A Daughter Remembers

By Karen B. Valdimarsson
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In 1943 while the world was at war, a naive French-Canadian girl of eighteen falls in love with an American soldier, changing her life forever.

Polly follows Bud to America with youthful optimism quickly molding herself into what her husband's perceptions are for a corporate wife as his ambitions are fulfilled. Bud's world is her world. However the challenges of being the "perfect wife and hostess" will start to take their toll as her husband's determination for success overpowers their everyday lives. These pressures, in addition to the oncoming cultural changes of the 1960's that would reshape America forever, will soon unravel their delusive, idyllic existence.

In Fascination: A Daughter Remembers, author Karen B. Valdimarsson tells the story of her mother, a woman she began to understand more fully and rediscover while sharing daily the final six years of her life. The author was privileged to have been given a personal view into her private world.

About the Author

Karen B. Valdimarsson rediscovered her love of writing after retiring from an award-winning sales career. She is an ardent enthusiast of old movies, music, and sports. Her spare time is spent with her family and traveling. She resides in Florida and is currently working on a children’s book.

Published: 2019
Page Count: 278

Customer Reviews

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barbara cregan
Couldn't put this book down

What a wonderful remembrance of Ms. Valdimarsson's mom. It caused me to reflect on the life of my own mom - her loves, challenges, accomplishments and disappointments. Ms. Valdimarsson is gifted at telling her story. I laughed and cried my way through the book. The remembrance of her loyal mom, always the supportive wife and mother, who was the rock and glue that held her family together throughout the good and bad times, was lovingly told. Her remembrance was so poignant, just a pleasure to read. I thought it might be a chick lit book, but I was wrong. My husband enjoyed the book just as much!