Farm Girl Abduction

By Doris Rowley Easley
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Farm Girl Abduction is a story about Dori, a teenage farm girl working as a waitress for the summer. She is offered a great job by a mysterious duo, which she accepts. Things turn out quite differently than she was led to believe. Dori is caught up in a whirlwind of murder, lies, deception, and romance when she meets the handsome Carl. He is the love of her life, but they lose touch as she is trying to navigate her way to safety. Her determination and strength of character play a large part in her survival.

Later, when she meets Carl again and true love is allowed to continue, will she escape prison for her part in the intrigues of her youth?

About the Author

Doris Rowley Easley grew up on a farm, and the first chapter of this book parallels to her own life, working the farm from a young age. From there, she and her twin sister went to business school and then to DC to work for the CIA. Ms. Easley married, had six children, and worked for the government. She was a diplomat to Pakistan in the 70’s.

She began writing books for her grandchildren twenty years ago. They wanted sequels to her work, which was fun for her and for them. Ms. Easley’s hobbies include writing books, poetry, quilting, and playing chess.

Published: 2020
Page Count: 108