Far Away Places

By Roberta Baty
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There isn't much on this earth that Roberta Baty wants to do that she hasnt done. Her philosophy is seek new horizons and you will discover the world. She is an adventurer, always have been and perhaps always will be.

There is so much on this earth to do and yet, after a while it becomes limited. It's not a fancy car, nor clothes, nor shoes; it's the heart that matters.

She has traveled the world in an airplane. Shes ridden a submarine and dived beneath the sea. Shes seen the tallest mountains in the world. She spent a week in the Amazon, in the jungle and on the river. She hasnt been to outer space yet, but shes flown high in a hot air balloon. She cuddled with a koala in Australia and necked with a giraffe in Africa. She rode a camel and walked the Wall in China. She also rode an elephant in India. She went up Mt. Nebo to see the Promised Land. She always wanted to do these things, so she did them.

Prior years of her life seem like a wisp of smoke. Mere days. The days whisk by now faster than ever. As you get older, you know what she means. Shes had a beautiful life, past and present, but she knows this is just a shadow of what is to come in Heaven. Now she focuses on storing up treasures in the place that is really important. A place where her eighty years here is about sixty minutes there. A place where, even with all her reading, she still knows very little about, except that she is sure she wants to go there. A place where, when people ask her about it, she can only say, Aint been there, aint done that yet, but I will."

About the Author

Roberta M. Baty has a vagabond heart and has discovered a writing talent to share her adventures in over 65 foreign countries. She grew up in Des Moines, Iowa until, at 29 she vacationed in Hawaii. She decided to move there so she could travel easily to Asian countries and the South Pacific. After ten years she returned to the Mainland to finish her career with the Telephone Company. Having worked in Engineering providing circuits for radio and television broadcasts in Iowa, special circuits for NASA space shots and celebrities like Jackie Kennedy and Elvis Presley in Hawaii, then in Missouri, drafting new subdivisions to provide buried telephone service, she retired in 1992. Each year at vacation time she would head out with a friend or co-worker to a new location in a different country to explore their culture, see the scenery, meet new people and enjoy the food. Since retirement she has volunteered for 19 years with Multiple Sclerosis patients in the swimming pool to help them improve their life capabilities. She says it has helped her too, plus she likes to bring them back small souvenirs, since they are unable to travel. Another volunteer project she enjoys is Friends of the Library book sale twice yearly. Her motto is: Seek new horizons and you will discover the World. If you have read her first book, youll enjoy reading Far Away Places too.

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Published: 2013
Page Count: 164