Family Love And Spousal Equity

By Dr. Sunday T. Eke-Okoro
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Have you often struggled with family issues? Do you find yourself questioning your parenting ability? Do you ever find it hard to resolve a conflict with your spouse? Dr. Sunday T. Eke-Okoro uses biblical passages and real-life examples to guide you toward resolution in all these areas of family strife. Aimed at restoring the central position of Christ in the family, this book develops his belief that the family is a center for salvation and redemption. He analyzes the marriage relationship, the relationship between church and family, the functions of the family, and the role of the father and the mother. To better understand family relationships he cites scripture to help you identify the spiritual origins of family relations. Are you up to the challenge? Realize that God should be the center of your family and you should lead a life involved in supporting your church.

About the Author

Dr. Sunday T. Eke-Okoro is a doctor of clinical physiology and currently works as a pastor at the Jesus is Lord Baptist Church in Sicklerville, New Jersey. In addition to his calling to evangelism, Dr. Eke-Okoro enjoys jogging and conducting spirituality research in his spare time. A native of Nigeria, Dr. Eke-Okoro is married and has four children. They reside in New Jersey.

Published: 2003
Page Count: 122