Family Is Family

By Kelly Ann Miller
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Sometimes relationships don’t work out and children might blame themselves. The majority of students

today come from divorced, foster, and single-parent homes. They are split and blended with other people

and children. They often have to adapt to living in more than one house. These are big challenges for

little ones to adapt to and they need a little guidance and some coping strategies, but they are too young

to know how to figure out what to do that will help them adjust. With playful illustrations and rhyming

narrative, Family is Family is a book that could help those youngsters navigate such upheaval and

understand that the changes in their lives are not their doing.

About the Author

Kelly Ann Miller has a heart for children. She is an experienced educator and has taught grades 2–8. She especially loves taking children on educational adventures and coaching student ballroom dance teams. Her mission is to help students become their best self. Miller is an avid ocean lover. Whenever she has free time, you can find her at the beach. She enjoys kayaking and spending time with her family.

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Published: 2022
Page Count: 32