Family History, Stories, And Other Lies

By Roger M. Schlosser
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In Family History, Stories, and Other Lies, Roger M. Schlosser recalls the most memorable and humorous experiences he had all through his life and commemorates those memoirs of people who have touched and influenced his life. As he imagines most of it, he finds himself smiling to his delight and sharing his stories to his students, friends, and colleagues. These stories are passed on from his ancestors down to the future generations of his family.

Discover the way of life and traditions of a German-Irish Catholic family living in a Dutch community where religion and race face issues at large. Schlosser and his family truly have a story to tell, as each of us has our own story to share.

In general, life is not worth living if one doesnt see the beauty of it from the simple, even foolish occurrences in our day-to-day living.

About the Author

Roger M. Schlosser is a former member of the academe with expertise in history, political science, and Irish history. His students at Grand Rapids Community College in Michigan, his friends, and his family serve as his inspiration in writing this book, which he describes as the product of his experiences, remembrances, and imagination that has made so many people laugh.

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Published: 2010
Page Count: 168