Falling: Machinations Of My Mind

By   PiM
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Falling: Machinations of My Mind discusses how PiM came into struggles with his own mental health and the thought process that followed with such an interaction. These poems depict through trial and error how he is presenting his struggles in this way and bring about emotion in ways most people keep locked up and private. 

For those of us who feel alone and struggle with certain things in life, we should know that there are options and there is a way to get through the darkest stages. It is a struggle and it is an uphill battle. Regardless of how we feel about life, overcoming and being ourselves is the most important thing in life. Help and be helped, talk about things, write them out, collect your thoughts, and come up with a game plan. You don’t have to know right away.

About the Author

PiM’s hobbies usually include videogames, movies, writing, and contemplating life's decisions, and his special interests include helping people with mental struggles. He has self-taught his style of writing based on trial and error, similar interests in passing friends, and certain rap artists that have influenced the style in which he writes. He is still interested in reaching out to organizations for more exposure to his book and the struggles overall pertaining to his message.

Published: 2021
Page Count: 96