Falling into Place

By Paula Marquis
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Falling into Place explores unexpected twists in life that do not change who we are but may lead us to wonder what could have been. One hidden truth is revealed when a young woman learns she is adopted and who she believes her real father to be. Then, and years later, a DNA test changes the facts of her existence, as well as the lives of other families, once again.

About the Author

Paula Marquis grew up in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and attended Carrick High School. She graduated from ICM School of Business as Valedictorian of the Medical Office Assistant Program and has worked in many capacities in health care. Family is very special to Marquis. She and her husband relocated to Virginia to be with their children and grandsons. Marquis is active in her church community.

Published: 2024
Page Count: 46

Customer Reviews

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Jennifer Milanak
"Falling into Place" by Paula Marquis

Wonderful read! Very moving and full of surprises.

james white
A love story.. a very messy and heartwarming Love Story!

Paula Marquis is a natural story teller and shares her real life journey about finding out her family history. Set in a Pittsburgh neighborhood, she brings to life the sights and smells of a vibrant immigrant community and the families that live there. The surprising twists and turns keep the pages turning. I am looking forward to her next book!

Jon Marquis
Life is truly like a “box of chocolates”

This is such interesting and easy read. It truly reminds me of Forest Gump’s quote, “Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what your going to get.” Truth is more interesting than fiction and Marquis does a great job in proving it to the reader! WOW!

So many surprises!

This book would make such a great movie! So many surprises along the journey. It is a quick read that you don’t want to put down.

Such a wonderful book and life event

It turns out that Marquis is my father’s daughter who I didn’t get to meet until my age of 66. This story can relate to many lives in these circumstances I’m sure. Written as though Paula is right beside you telling you this story , makes this book not only surprising but enjoyable like a real conversation with a friend. You need to read this book and feel the emotions yourself.