Fallen To The Unknown With The Feds

By Sherman Lane
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As a drug trafficker, author Sherman Lane was trapped in what he calls the “unknown game” that the Feds play with young men’s lives. His actions and unawareness of the way the Feds play the game led to a prison stint. Fallen to the Unknown with the Feds is Lane’s attempt to educate young men on the consequences of criminal behavior related to the federal justice system. Lane provides many guidelines of what the federal government uses when sentencing people, as well as his personal story of being convicted and sentenced. Lane seeks to help people who are living a criminal lifestyle understand what they are possibly facing and to inspire them to not make the mistakes he made.

About the Author

While incarcerated, Sherman Lane educated himself, becoming a licensed journeyman electrician and receiving HVAC certification. After his release from prison, he found employment doing industrial electrical work. He spends his spare time going into communities to encourage youth that there is a better way than a life of crime and to serve as an example of someone who is still successful after serving time in prison.

Published: 2020
Page Count: 128