Fallen Leaves: Our Life With Alzheimer's And Lewy Body Disease

By Melba Williams Fisher
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Fallen Leaves was written to inform the reader about Lewy Body Disease. It will take you through the land of no return. Lewy Bodies are small crystals in the brain. You must have a magnifying lens to find them. They can live about seven years from the time it starts until death.

Melba Williams Fisher wrote Fallen Leaves from the notes she took while her husband was tragically experiencing these diseases. She wants to inform readers about Lewy Body Disease since there isnt much known about it.

Melbas husbands leaf weathered many strong storms. It amazed the doctors. Then one big storm came, and his leaf fell. The wind blew it toward heaven.

We are all leaves from Gods Tree of Life. Some leaves hang on longer while others curl up and fall off.

About the Author

Melba Williams Fisher attended Central State University in Edmond, Oklahoma. She wanted to be a teacher since some of her family members were teachers.

While teaching her first year, her future husband, Ralph, came home on a furlough from the Army and they were married. She finished teaching the school term and went to California. After Ralph was discharged, they moved to Amarillo, Texas. Later they were blessed with a baby girl, Sharri, and many years later a wonderful son-in-law, Michael Jonas.

While in Amarillo, Melba worked for ten years as Employment Manager for St. Anthony Hospital. At this time, a nice garage building and house were for sale in Sparks, Oklahoma. Ralph opened Fishers Garage, and Melba took care of the books for the town. Melba also had a ceramic shop and taught ceramic classes. Also, she substituted for thirteen years in the Sparks Public Schools.

Destiny entered into their lives, taking them into a land of no returna land of Alzheimers and Lewy Body Disease. Melba moved to Norman to be close to Ralph in the Veterans Center, and she still lives there. Later, she joined the University Christian Church. She started teaching the ladies class and still does today.

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Published: 2016
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