Faith For Tough Times: Victorious Living From The Book Of James

By Rudolph V. Hunt
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In Faith for Tough Times: Victorious Living from the Book of James, Rudolph V. Hunt offers a detailed explication of James Epistle that is designed to glorify God while edifying and instructing the reader in Christian endurance during difficult times. In a time when many individuals are disenchanted, discouraged, and directionless, the book of James offers timeless, inspired wisdom to Christians. This study leads the reader through James message in a methodical and insightful manner, calling Christians to live their faith truly and faithfully in the midst of challenges. Faith for Tough Times: Victorious Living from the Book of James is an enlightening commentary on biblical ethics and morality in daily life.

About the Author

Rudolph V. Hunt has served as a minister for over fifty-six years, preached for churches throughout Alabama, Louisiana, and Tennessee and teaching most recently at the Great Commission School in Nashville. Having studied at Southern Christian University and David Lipscomb University, he earned his doctoral degree at Theological University of America. Rudolph Hunt is the father of three children and currently lives in Tennessee with his wife, Gemilla Hunt.

Published: 2005
Page Count: 78