Faded Rose: Sakura Hilltop Arc

By E. C. Honey
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Ash Rose is a broken character. He learned martial arts from his master, Mahaguru Rama, a grand master of Silat. He learned and applied what he'd learned in real fights that had real consequences. Ash learns that an elite private fighting school that once was an all-girl school has become co-ed. He jumps at the chance to go there. His mom went there, and he wants to continue her legacy as a legendary fighter. Sakura Hilltop isn't just a regular school, but it is an elite school for those that wish to have a career in professional sports and martial arts. Satsuki Kushinada, the strongest student in the whole school, has set her sights on Ash and has plans for him.

About the Author

E. C. Honey was born on Fort Scott Airbase in 1991. He enjoys watching anime in his free time. He also loves playing video games with good plots and good versus evil characters.

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Published: 2023
Page Count: 176