Facts Of Life

By Al Klein
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Al Klein’s Facts of Life is about honesty—with each other and with ourselves. Being honest and to the point is by design. We have the ability to choose truth or untruth. In this collection of wisdom, history, and memoir, Klein offers his views on everything from evolution and ISIS to politics and news to his childhood and his time on an honor guard team in the Army.

Choose wisdom instead of hate, if you care to be wise. Take care!

Aboutthe Author

Al Klein was raised by a single parent who had grown up during the Great Depression and spent part of his childhood delivering telegrams for Western Union throughout downtown Columbus, Ohio, on his bicycle. He served in the Army for three years, sailing to and from Korea, and later made a good living in factory work, especially for the Columbus Auto Parts Company, Continental Can Company, and General Electric. He has enjoyed softball and golf, often making some long and tricky putts.

Published: 2018
Page Count: 92