Factors Of Transformation: Be The Change You Want

By Dr. Keith L. Marshall, PsyD, MHD
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Factors of Transformation: Be the Change You Want does not waste one-second expressing poetic fluff many self-help books use to solicit readers. Instead, from the onset,

Dr. Keith L. Marshall, PsyD, MHD, states point-blank his intention to help you understand the power of your conscious and unconscious thoughts in every dimension of life—be it spiritual, mental, emotional, physical, or social—to provide liberation from negative thinking patterns that yield poor behaviors. Why wait to make changes in your life when you are not guaranteed to live another day?

Why not be in touch with your mind, body, spirit, and relationships today?

If you have not asked yourself these questions and find you are aimless in your pursuit of

purpose, it may be time for you to jump off the proverbial hamster wheel and evaluate your

current circumstances using the criteria found within, wherein Dr. Marshall serves a platter with

spiritual delicacies to help you savor the idea that your dilemma has nothing to do with who you

are on the outside. It has everything to do with who we are on the inside of these fragile vessels

we call “bodies.” Laden with healthy principles and insights to keep you from becoming you own worst enemy, Factors of Transformation reveals areas needing improvement and sounds the clarion call that it is never too late to change the course of your life, so “stinking thinking” can no longer dominate.

About the Author

Dr. Keith L. Marshall, PsyD, MHD, holds a Doctor of Clinical Psychology degree from the

Chicago School of Professional Psychology, Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Human

Development from Pacific Oaks College in Pasadena, CA, a Drug and Alcohol Studies Specialist

certificate from Glendale Community College, and has three professional addiction counselor

licenses and certifications. He is the author of two books, Faith to Freedom: From Dumpster to

Doctor, and Factors of Transformation: Be the Change You Want.

In addition, Dr. Marshall is the Founder and CEO of Dedicato Treatment Center Inc., Dedicato

Outpatient Services, and Dedicated Behavioral Health Foundation. The first two of his

companies are licensed by the California Department of Health Care Services and among only

six percent of all treatment centers in the country accredited by the Joint Commission, which is

the highest-level accreditation.

Dr. Marshall enjoys spending quality time with family and outdoor activities such as hiking,

biking, and camping. Most importantly, he loves being a motivational speaker.

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Published: 2022
Page Count: 126