F*Ck Your Dictionary

By Haajar Carter
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A collection of poetry documenting the journey of an African American girl who grew up surrounded by poverty, unconventional ideals, and trauma, F*CK YOUR DICTIONARY documents how the author’s environment shaped her views and gave her the courage to be more confident in herself, her people, and community. 

Offering a truly unique point of view, each poem has a different voice and defines itself within its own page. Readers may find comfort in the fact that they are not alone in some topics, while they may find their voice to debate others. Each poem inspires confidence, empowerment, self-love, and love for your community and culture—no matter who you are.  

About the Author

Haajar Carter is a strong advocate of serving the community through physical fitness, poetry/spoken word/visual art, and fashion. Through her engagement in local New York City programs such as Giant Thinking (Manhattan) and Rocking the Boat (Bronx) she strives to put forth the message of how a positive self-image, a drive for the fulfillment of self and others, and the passion for expression come together to define true success.

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Published: 2022
Page Count: 150