Extraordinary Tales: Book I: Kinship

By Aaron Kiepper
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About the Book

Sergit has lived his life in the service of Baron, the cruel

dictator of Hecha, as his chosen warrior in the bloody and brutal coliseum battles. With each bit of coin he wins, he saves a little for his father to aid in paying off his father Mezraen’s s debt to Baron. When Sergit’s father devises a plan to escape Hecha, Lyla, Baron’s right-hand, warns Sergit and Mezraen of Baron’s wrath should they leave his domain. Without adhering to her warnings, they leave Hecha for good, taking Lyla with them.

Extraordinary Tales is a wild and wonderful adventure through imaginative lands filled with predators of all shapes and sizes, and as the three adventurers travel north, adding an array of dissimilar people to their caravan, they grapple with conflicts and grudges while taking steps toward

becoming a true family of misfits.

About the Author

Aaron Kiepper’s two closest friends are his two elder brothers, and his greatest teachers are his parents. He enjoys old movies, listening to music while on walks, studying history, and the endless banter that occurs when you try to leave a gathering.

Published: 2022
Page Count: 272