Expressions Of An Imprint

By Corrine McDonough CorRey
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Im a kite flying high in the swift March wind.
I soar and I climb when your love you send.
Hold on tight to the strings of my heart;
you gave my life a start.

In these inspirational poems of love, heartbreak, loss, and an erotic trip aboard a majestic cruise ship, author CorRey meditates upon four subjects important to us all. Expressions of an Imprint is a collection of eighteen true-story poems written for anyone who has experienced an unstoppable or unrequited love. The poems in this book span much of her life and are ones youll be sure to enjoy.

About the Author

CorRey has been a resident in Florida, for forty-five years, where she presently works as a school lunchroom assistant. She enjoys making beaded jewelry and writing poems. She has two stepchildren, Jessica and Kristen. On love, she warns: It is a feeling that is not merely physical. If the one you love wont listen, then write it to them or find a book that says it all and send it to them.

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Published: 2009
Page Count: 32