Experiences Sweet And Sour

By Dennis Wayne Prothro
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Experiences Sweet and Sour is about genealogy, nationality, racial injustice, and strength found in a faithful, spiritual commitment and converted life.

Truthful and educational in his writings, Dennis Wayne Prothro takes readers on a journey through life experienced as a Black man—both good and bad. Through his experience, learn that each person has an impact on others, either indirectly or directly, whether consciously or unconsciously; learn the value of trying to understand others by living in their place and time of history, and acting accordingly.

About the Author

Dennis Wayne Prothro is an active participant and past officer in community association and minister who enjoys fishing and hunting, and reading and working with tools and his hands.

He is the seventh of ten children (eight brothers and one sister, baby child); a family man who loves his wife, four children, and four grandchildren. He believes that history is better told by those who lived it than those who research.

Published: 2021
Page Count: 192