Experience The Poetry Of A Heathen

By Euphrates Lois
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Within each of us lies a tremendous amount of movement between self-hate and self-love. These vacillations and their effects on our psyche are explored with both passionate beauty and personal rage in the introspective and insightful work of Euphrates Loiss Experience the Poetry of a Heathen. With raw imagery and eye for detail, she explores the taxing and time-consuming process required to emerge from lifes doldrums and find acceptance, personal gratification, and appreciation of oneself. Lois feels it is important for readers who find themselves in a situation similar to hers to learn they are neither at the beginning nor the end. She attempts to obliterate through verse the loneliness which often accompanies this personal struggle by focusing on the continuity of life, her belief in a higher power, and the cyclical emotions of pleasure and pain which we all share. Belief in a higher power is imperative if you wish to stop being sick, for uncontrolled insanity rages throughout humanity. You must be willing to go inside yourself and learn to depend on Divinity to get you through this journey called life. Experience the Poetry of a Heathen takes a brisk, refreshing, and often brutal look at the dark sides of our egos and will help readers on all points of this path to wellness and self-love. ABOUT THE AUTHOR: A native of New Orleans, Louisiana, Euphrates Lois holds a bachelors degree in paralegal studies from Tulane University. Formerly the owner of the Classic Comfort Caf in New Orleans, Lois now works for Dantel Electronics, Inc., in Fresno, California. She currently resides in San Diego. She is the mother of three beautiful children, Tashia, Brittany, and Destiny. In her spare time, Lois enjoys dancing and horseback riding. She is currently working on her second book.

Published: 1998
Page Count: 96