Existing The Moments

By Taylor DiVico
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A determined young artist, Maria struggles to make sense of what her life has become. As she faces unbearable losses in her life, her memories save her from falling apart. For what is a memory, but a piece of the soul that remains when all else is lost? Existing the Moments is glorious and tragic full of the delights of living, but also the desperation of the wounded spirit. As she replays the little factions of time that make up the filmstrip of her life, she sees those moments through her memories and rediscovers a life and love that can be compared to no other. www.taylordivico.com ABOUT THE AUTHOR Taylor DiVico is a poet and a trained musician who is named in Whos Who of American Poets. Born in Syracuse, New York, she received an undergraduate degree in Philosophy from the University of Rhode Island and a Masters Degree in Education from Syracuse University. Her poetry has been published in many anthologies. She now lives in Lighthouse Point, Florida. DiVico says, Great love and its ability to withstand many obstacles is of inspiration to me.

Published: 2008
Page Count: 198