Exactly The Same...But Different

By Dr. Rick Miller PhD
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Although there has been a vast amount of information gathered on the history of the Earth, there are still many things that have yet to be discovered. To help spread more knowledge on the physical and biological history among our population, Miller outlines some of this information. This book discusses alternative explanations for Earth's history that will motivate you to learn more information.

About the Author

Dr. Rick Miller began his career in geology by taking a summer course in Physical Geology at UCLA, however, this was by accident. It ended up becoming one of his passions and lifetime career. Miller received a BS, MS, and PhD in Geology. He became a teacher and researcher at California State University Northridge and San Diego State University. Since retiring in 2001, Miller has continued to teach for various community organizations. He has published numerous scientific articles and co-authored a college-level book on

Historical Geology.

Published: 2018
Page Count: 361