Everything You Need To Know About Nature

By Dorothy LaRock Skinner
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God has created so many wonders in nature for us to enjoy and explore. Learn all about God’s creation in this book. The more we learn and the more we’re out in nature, the closer we will feel to our Creator!

About the Author

Dorothy Skinner has worked as a youth leader at her church for several years and has invited young and old into her home for a hot meal and shelter. Many neighborhood children have spent time with her own, enjoying the thrills of farming and the animals. From the open fields to ride horses in to kittens and puppies, there is always something going down on their farm. Both her and her husband of almost sixty years were raised on a farm and it was their dream to give their children that same life. Skinner’s love for nature and God has been her inspiration from the start. She wrote her first book at seventeen and wrote a lawn care book with her daughter. Skinner feels grateful to have the opportunity to share her life lessons and love of God with many.

Published: 2021
Page Count: 438