Every Student's Handbook On Values, Sexuality And Drug Education

By Ikechukwu Odumodu
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This educational and instructional manual presents basic and nuanced facts helpful to youths coming of age in a complicated world. Among the topics covered are the development of adolescent sexuality, the dangers of drug abuse, and the importance of strong personal and community values. The book emphasizes the virtues of abstinence as the best avenue through which young people can live healthy and succeed in life now and in the future.

About the Author

Ikechukwu Obinna Odumodu hails from Amawbia Town in Anambra State of Nigeria and was born in 1971. A graduate of Chemical Engineering from the University of Lagos, the author learned he had also had a flair for the visual and literary arts. He maximized his spare time in school experimenting and developing his talents in these areas. These early efforts gave birth to commendable works of abstract paintings and sculptures in addition to literary works of poetry and drama.

While still in the university, events and experiences in the life of the author later led to the snowballing of his interest in societal problems such as Drug Abuse and HIV/AIDS education. He is the author of two previous books, The Great Epidemic, now titled The Drug Abuse Epidemic and The Youth & HIV/AIDS: Life Values and Skills, both approved and recommended by the Federal and Anambra State Ministry of Education.

He is currently the Deputy Director of Krosa Model Schools, Amawbia, Anambra State, the Managing Director of Lifebuoy Publishers, Nigeria, and the President of Lifebuoy Enlightenment Initiative.

He is happily married with four children.

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Published: 2012
Page Count: 66