Evangelism In The 1900's

By Wanda D. Tolbert
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Evangelism in the 1900's

Oral Roberts. Billy Sunday. Aimee Semple McPherson. These names have been synonymous with the practice of evangelism in the past century. Although they all dedicated their lives to sharing the message of God, they each have a unique story. Wanda Tolbert was inspired by these pioneers of the evangelism movement and shares their lives, as well as the lives of several other influential figures, in Evangelism in the 1900's. Historically detailed and well researched, each chapter focuses on one of these men and women and the power of the Holy Spirit, which they brought to their communities. Evangelism in the 1900s offers a fascinating glimpse at the lives of inspirational men and women who have dedicated their lives to God.

About the Author

Wanda Tolbert holds a bachelor degree in religion, masters degree in religious studies, and a doctorate in philosophy of religion. She is a native of Cincinnati and currently resides in Forest Park, Ohio. She enjoys volunteering, praying, traveling, and collecting art. She was inspired to write this book by her reading and travels. Dr. Tolbert is the Founder of Luke Four: 18 International Outreach Ministries.

Published: 2007
Page Count: 64